[Video] Carfection Tests the Supreme BMW M2 CS

Ever since its launching, the BMW M2 has always been exceptional. However, this superstar gains a new familiar competition as the new BMW M2 CS arrives. Everyone already expected that the M2’s ultimate version will be as superb as the previous one. And we get to prove this with this new video from Carfection.

Almost everyone loves and enjoys the BMW M2 and Henry Catchpole is one of them. In this new video though, he appears to really love the new BMW M2 CS as well. Although it is equipped with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), a less engaging transmission option, the M2 CS still proves that it is impressively fun to drive.

The pleasure you get from this machine has nothing to do with its extra power. In fact, the least distinguishable upgrade in the M2 CS is its 3.0-litre twin-turbo I6 that produces 444 horsepower and 406 Nm of torque. The highlights for the M2 CS begins with its upgraded rear differential, adaptive dampers, and slightly refreshed steering.

You’ll easily recognize the upgrades on the suspension most when you drive the M2 CS and the M2 Competition back to back. The M2 CS now feels more stable and comfortable, thanks to the new adaptive dampers. These dampers are not available in the standard M2 though. This added feature also improved the M2 CS’ rear differential, keeping its power down and giving that less spikey feeling. This is a good trait compared to the M2 Competition, even on the track. Enthusiasts who have driven both of these cars have personally claimed the M2 CS’ superiority both on wet roads and on track.

Overall, we can say that the BMW M2 CS leads the way for the 2 Series lineup. While its pricing is probably not that premium over the M2 Competition when on the road, it is a fact on the track. The BMW M2 CS instantly proves that it’s a more exceptional machine. You should get one if this is an important feature for you.

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