BMW M5 CS Engine Overlaps McLaren F1 S70/2

The Bavarian brand has officially launched its most formidable car – the BMW M5 CS. It is not that surprising because most brands have already entered the age of forced induction and electrification. They have set their new power records continually to produce modernized cars. But the BMW M5 CS gains the most remarkable engine that any modernized BMW cars have not yet achieved. It is also important to know that this is the most powerful engine the M division has ever made. 

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 In the early 1990s, Gordon Murray, a well known, automotive engineer and designer, started a project that involved McLaren. He was in-search for a company to whom he can associate with this. He proposed this first to Honda, unfortunately Honda declined the project. The Japanese company doesn’t want to build the engine as Murray wanted. He had some specific demands for the engines that he could not bargain for. The engine Murray is working on needs to be naturally-aspirated. For him, it should be lightweight as possible and should have more than 100 horsepower per liter. During Murray’s search for partners, he found out about Paul Rosche, the head of engine development for BMW M and also known for designing brilliant engines of all time. So after Honda turned down Murray, he went to Rosche.

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The manufactured S70/2 engines supersedes other engines. And it’s still the greatest engine BMW has ever manufactured. As for today, 635 horsepower from BMW M5 CS’ 4.4 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine outranks the S70/2. This really implies Rosche’s exceptional work. It took almost three decades for BMW M to produce a more powerful road engine and replace the 1992 Mclaren F1. Despite its added advanced cooling and twin-turbocharging for more power, the BMW M5 CS’ still gains a slightly negative character because of the three-decade gap. The Mclaren F1 is still the finest throughout the years. It’s engines function without the turbochargers, intercoolers or the fancy ECU tuning.

However, BMW M5 CS now surpasses the McLaren F1’s engine to a 1,000 horsepower even if it is tagged as a multi-million dollar price car. Its engine is attention grabbing because it is highly developed. BMW utilizes electrification to produce modern tech cars with quality tested engines. The BMW M5 CS is an exquisite beauty with 635 horsepower, carbon fiber in every place and is capable of driving on a racetrack with friends on board. 

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