[Video] Check out this all-new BMW M5 CS with Markus Flasch

Markus Flasch, the BMW M CEO, has introduced many special models to the world since he took over the BMW M division and reported that striking models are yet to come. The BMW M2 CS, the upcoming BMW M3 Touring, and the new BMW M5 CS are among them. Over time, all these cars are likely to become fan favorites, and the M5 CS is definitely going to hold a ‘more special’ place in our hearts.

It is said to be the most compelling model BMW has ever made. Based on the recent finding, this vehicle also has the best power to weight ratio. It comes with a whopping 635hp and hitting the scale at 1,825, which generates 2.87ps per kilo. This is quite something for a car, which is a four-door sedan intended for everyday use.

But the M5 CS is, of course, a lot more than just that. You might just as well get a 520d for such purposes and live happily with it. But, the M5 CS is more than just the sum of its parts. This vehicle is well-built and packed with impressive features and an elegant interior. Something people that will drool over with. These individual racing rear seats are just awesome, and you can easily imagine this car being used as the best possible Ring taxi.

In this video, you will get to know more about the new BMW M5 CS as Markus Flasch talks about all its amazing features. You would notice how he is so happy in this video. Because why not? This unit will not reach dealers for a few months. So getting an exclusive sneak peek is a rare opportunity.

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