An Eco-friendly approach for the BMW ix and i4’s production

The utilization of electric cars are meant to save us by improving our lifestyle, and eventually, our planet. The shift from conventional cars to an electric vehicle should promote an “eco-friendly” approach. Nonetheless, an electric vehicle’s whole definition loses momentum without ensuring that the manufacturing process is as effective as possible. For this reason, BMW has been utilizing renewable energy for the production of its BMW I vehicles for almost 8 years now.

An Eco-friendly approach for the BMW ix and i4 production - 1

The German automaker announced that these models would be using hydroelectricity for the upcoming electric SUV and gran coupe models. The Munchen and RWE Supply & Trading signed a contract to make this idea possible.

Statement from the Board Member for Production Milan Nedeljković

“We take a holistic view of sustainability. So rather than just minimizing emissions from driving, we are working to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our production processes”.

And the BMW is not an exception. Since the early 2010s, the company has been pursuing to maximize the usage of renewable energy. Based on the Bavarian brand, the entire production facilities worldwide utilizes green energy only. “What’s new is the fact that in the future, we will source our renewable electricity directly from regional providers based close to our plants,” Nedeljković stated.

An Eco-friendly approach for the BMW ix and i4 production - 2

The electricity source for the iX prototypes will be the from Isar hydroelectric power stations Uppenborn between Moosburg and Landshut. On the other hand, the Lech hydroelectric power stations in Gersthofen and Rain will power the BMW i4. The BMW Group Plants Landshut, Dingolfing and Berlin also use their power to produce a wide range of components for the two EV models.

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