[VIDEO] BMW M3 and M4 M Laptimer Disclosed

All BMW M3 and M4 models that feature the optional Connected Drive package will acquire the M Laptimer, displaying your times on your iDrive screen and times your laps. The Laptimer can be on the digital gauges, the head-up display, your iDrive screen, or a combination of the three. Check out this new video of the BMW M3 and M4 M Laptimer by BMW M.

What is cool about having the Laptimer for your BMW M3 and M4 is the head-up display. You can only see your lap time on the head-up display as you cross the starting line. It also shows you the delta time between your most recent lap and your fastest lap.

This lap timer in your M3 or M4 could come in handy and be quite fun to use. If you are looking to track your BMW M3 or M4, consider having the Connected Drive package. In real-time, seeing the delta times will help you get better. There is no need to time the laps yourself or the need to get out of your car to see the time. However, BMW M is not just the only brand that offers the lap timer. Porsche has been on putting lap timers in its cars for ages. But it sure is great to see it included in the new BMW M4 and M3.

How cool is it now that it can record your drift data on your BMW M3 and M4? You will be able to see the maximum angle of your drift and the distance you drifted. It also displays a drift rating out of five stars. Drift data can be a fun tool for enthusiasts on track days.

Moreover, mobile phone connectivity is also available for recording track session videos of your M3 and M4 M. Just mount the phone to the windshield and sync it to the iDrive. Once synced, press the record on the iDrive screen. It will provide an overlay on the video of all your track session data and record it on your phone. 

For many enthusiasts, this is a better tool for having fun or being great on track through recording their lap times. Integrating it into smartphones is even more impressive and will make more fun on track days.

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