Check out the Sporty Diesel Wagon of the 2023 BMW M340d Touring

BMW knows that in some countries, particularly in Europe, diesel performance vehicles are still popular because of their low-end torque and exceptional fuel efficiency. Instead of being discontinued for the 3 Series LCI, BMW plans to keep the six-cylinder M340i and M340d in non-M form. For example, this M340d Touring LCI is on display in the UK at a Dick Lovett Group store, indicating that the M Performance 3er is making its way across Europe. The 19-inch alloy wheels in Jet Black contrast wonderfully with the red brake callipers on the diesel wagon’s 19-speed gearbox.

It is now possible to order BMW’s M340i/M340d sedans with a carbon fibre roof as part of the Life Cycle Impulse. There is a panoramic sunroof because this is the estate. The LCI adds glossy black side mirror covers modelled after the M3’s to match the car’s other dark elements.

With the official BMW tow bar, we can see how the redesigned 3 Series appears, and like with all of BMW’s waggons, the back glass can be opened independently of the tailgate for convenient access to the cargo space. This model has the same operating system 8 as the BMW i4 and the 4 Series Gran Coupe, however there are no physical climate controls on the streamlined dashboard of the LCI.

The Dakota leather upholstery in black with grey stitching on this right-hand drive M340d Touring plays it safe when it comes to the interior motif. Other features include a heated steering wheel and the Harman Kardon surround sound system. According to the most recent information, manufacture of the G21 will continue until at least early 2027.

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