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The BMW i4 eDrive35 – An Entry-Level Version With 282 HP

Since the eDrive40 and M50 BMW i4 models were available, it was easy to choose which one to buy. Third and final flavour will be a new eDrive35, which will serve as the entry-level model. Interestingly, Canada is the first market to receive the cheaper electric gran tourer version, followed by other regions.

The new i4 eDrive35 looks identical to the eDrive40 except for the badges at the back. Here are some of the details included: a rear-mounted electric motor that produces 282 hp, equivalent to about 240 hp and 400 Nm, or about 295 pounds-feet, of torque. Comparing the two, you’ll see that it’s down 53 hp and 30 Nm (22 lb-ft) in power and torque, respectively.

A standstill time of six seconds is required for the new i4 eDrive35 to reach 62 miles per hour, which is three-tenths of a second slower than the previous model’s record-setting time of four seconds. You’re not alone if you’re wondering about the previous base model’s top speed limit of 118 mph (190 km/h). After all, it’s less potent than the 40-kWh battery in the 40-kWh model, but it has an 80.7-kWh battery pack. The WLTP cycle gives it a range of 304 miles and 62 miles shorter than the eDrive40. According to our information thus far, the car can run 301 miles (384 kilometres) on its 18-inch wheels and 282 miles (454 kilometres) on its 19-inch wheels. EPA data have not yet been released.

There are plans to start production at the Munich factory in November. eDrive Gen5 and OS 8 with curved display are also included in the purchase price. How much will it set you back? The i4 eDrive40 from BMW USA retails for $55,900. The “40” model’s price in Germany will be lower than the premium automaker’s asking price of €59,200.

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