2011 BMW 760Li Individual Reveiw by AutoBlog

Autoblog  got their hands on a 2011 BMW 760Li equipped with several unique parts from the BMW Individual catalog. They produce an in depth review, focusing on the positive and negative aspects of the vehicle. Here is an excerpt of their review:

Our test car came equipped with a handful of BMW’s Individual Composition options – a sort of leather-bound wine list of color and wheel choices available exclusively to the 7 Series. They aren’t cheap, and our tester’s Moonstone Metallic paint, AmaroBrown full leather interior with Alcantara headliner, 20-inch wheels, Shadowline exterior trim and “BMW Individual” rear badging added $8,300 to the $137,000 starting MSRP. Add in a rear seat entertainment package ($2,200), active cruise control ($2,400), night vision ($2,600), destination ($875) and the gas guzzler tax ($2,100), and you wind up with a final, out-the-door price of $155,475 – more than double the price of a base 740i.

All 7 Series models are available with turbocharged engines these days, and while we have nary a complaint about the 4.4-liter V8 found in the 750i, the 12-cylinder powerplant is just so much more special. It makes 535 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque – 135 hp and 100 lb-ft more than the twin-turbo V8 – and while the 760Li is 385 pounds heavier than a similarly equipped 750Li, it sprints to 60 miles per hour a full seven-tenths of a second quicker (4.5 versus 5.2).

What’s most impressive, though, is the 6.0-liter’s difference in power delivery over the 4.4. The all-important low-down thrust comes on strong at just 1,500 rpm – 250 rpm sooner than with the V8 – and when you consider there are 100 more foot-pounds being sent to the rear wheels, the acceleration is more akin to that of a muscular sportscar than a luxury barge. There is the slightest hint of turbo lag right off the line, but you’ll soon forget about it once your right foot is marshaling the 760’s full onslaught of power. It’s seriously fast, but the whole forward thrust experience is silky smooth.

Source: AutoBlog