[VIDEO] Watch The BMW E30 Baur Gets Engine Upgrade

Tony Forbes-Marsden, an expert mechanic with excellent taste in classic BMWs, comes with a surprising project. This time, he’ll work on a rare E30 Baur. Watch the BMW E30 Baur getting an engine upgrade in this video.

He got a neglected 1986 example for this project. The rare car is in a rough form and rust has reared its ugly head. Therefore, they needed to replace and repair some body panels. They resprayed the whole body panels in Zinno Berot to keep the OEM look as close as feasible.

This right-hand-drive E30 Baur looks impressive thanks to the ceramic coating. Nevertheless, they needed to replace the soft top. They also added an air suspension to bring it closer to the road.

The E30 has its underbody fully rebuilt, as well as new BMW headlights. It also comes with custom-made 17-inch wheels. These wheels were from the ordinary second-gen 3er’s original 14-inch “bottle cap” set. They also changed the original brown fabric interior into a black leather interior from a 325i

Thanks to new upgrades, the Baur now sounds as fantastic as it looks. Some additional mods include throttle bodies and stainless steel exhaust. Tony also had to assemble the inline-six piece by piece. Still, a dyno test reveals a good 220 horsepower, not so bad for a classic BMW. 

In a contrasting all-black cabin, Tony Forbes-Marsden chose an ALPINA wooden gear knob and steering wheel. To finish out the changes, his E30 Baur got an eight-speaker sound system with two subwoofers placed nicely in the trunk. And the final touch? The 327i emblem comes in black to indicate the larger engine that it now carries.

It is interesting to see such a classic BMW get superb upgrades. Check out this video and watch BMW E30 Baur getting an engine upgrade. And tell us what you think about it!

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