[VIDEO] BMW M5 E34 Takes the Nürburgring

Taking you down the memory lane, the BMW M5 E34 takes the Nürburgring in this video. If you miss the old era, specifically the late 1980s, this video is definitely perfect for you.

The M5 E34 in this video carries the original 3.6-liter S38; the 1992 3.8-liter engine’s predecessor. Misha Charoudin, a YouTuber, had the advantage of taking the shotgun seat of the classic sports sedan. The vintage styling combined with the old-school sound is a treat for enthusiasts. Although it falls below the line compared with the latest M5, fans will surely defend the classic bimmer.

Cars were more lightweight and smaller during the M5 E34 generation. Fortunately, the Nurburgring is a perfect place for the classic bimmer. The BMW M5 E34 in this video was built in 1990. Even with its age, its inline-six is still fervent to rev up to 7,000 rpm.

Although The Green Hell was having a bustling day, the M5 E34 takes the audience’s attention. The driver pushed the classic performance sedan to over 200 km/h (124 mph), allowing it to overtake quite a few cars.

Today’s standards might frown at these figures. It’s understandable to be unimpressed with these numbers today since compact cars can now have more than 400 hp. Still, the top performer in the E34 lineup had to get along with even less than 100 hp.

Despite having a horsepower lower than today’s standards, you cannot deny the fun of riding a classic M5. From the sound to the style and overall handling, the BMW M5 E34 is a real performer.

Indeed, the specs of today’s M5 overpower this old-fashioned car’s specs. But after watching this video, you might think the BMW M5 E34 has so much more charm. Check how BMW M5 E34 takes the Nurburgring in this video.

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