BMW M4 CSL Teases CSL Badge on Carbon Fiber Seat

It is possible to get tired of teasers, but not when it comes to the new CSL. Enthusiasts give BMW the free pass to hype the new bimmer’s debut as best as possible. In this new update, BMW M4 CSL teases CSL badge on its carbon fiber seat. And it’s not just a badge, it’s a backlit one!

BMW M4 CSL Teases CSL Badge on Carbon Fiber Seat

The new teaser shows more of the M4 Coupe Sport Lightweight’s interior. A backlit “CSL” lettering now sits where the stripes and M4 logo used to glow. But enough of the logo. We are most thrilled with the seats that seem to have a carbon fiber shell. It also seems to have rivets that show off the car’s diet.

BMW M has shared before that the new CSL will shed off 100 kilograms compared to the M4 Competition. We expect that having these lightweight front seats and removed rear seats are part of the car’s diet. That’s right, the BMW M4 CSL teases a two-seat interior like the M4 GTS.

As we have seen in other teasers, red accents seem to appear in the car’s interior as well. First, the badge glows in red. Then, the stitching on the seats also appears to have the same shade. Also, the previous teaser showed that the shift paddles back will have a red finish. This is the same with the embroidered “M4 CSL” on the center console.

Even though some fans are not happy about this, BMW remains generous with the badging. This means we expect to see lots of CSL logos on the exterior and interior of the new CSL. Aside from the badge, though, the ducktail spoiler will let everyone know that the car is the BMW M4 CSL.

As reported before, the new BMW M4 CSL will arrive with 550 hp and on limited production of a thousand units. Stay tuned for the next teasers!

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