[Video] The New ALPINA XB7 Performs on Autobahn

It’s true that the ALPINA XB7 is nothing compared to many luxury cars that are bigger and even faster. But despite its massive size, the largest car ever produced by the German car manufacturer/tuner is a pure blast to drive. And, of course, this is proof of the hard work engineers have put in to meet the customer’s needs. Nobody imagined that a car of this size could be this fast even ten years ago.

However, manufacturers have been forced to take new and bold approaches lately. This is because of the ever-growing demand for SUVs but now with different sizes and shapes. Because the company wanted to create a fast and powerful 7-seater that could also handle a few bends, the XB7 was easily one of ALPINA’s most difficult challenges. And according to several online reviews, it’s a success.

Nonetheless, some people compare the XB7 to the X7 M50i – BMW’s top SUV model. The M50i, which starts at just under $100,000, is the most expensive BMW X7 you can avail of. At the same time, you can get a somewhat more impressive machine from the ALPINA XB7, which costs about $40,000 more.

To get a taste of what’s in store, watch the video above. Reaching 124 mph takes just 10.27 seconds. The 612-hp monster eats up the 0-62 sprint, which takes just 4.2 seconds. The video shows this record despite ALPINA claiming a 4second flat record.

Honestly, these are incredible numbers. It may probably be illegal, but you might witness a monster reaching 155 mph on public roads. While it is not for Germany, where this video was shot, it is for most countries so you might want to take note of that.

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