The Future of ALPINA: A Rebranding in the Works?

The BMW Group’s acquisition of the ALPINA brand has stirred up speculation about the future of this niche automaker. Although the current agreement remains in effect until December 31, 2025, a recent trademark filing in Germany hints at a potential rebranding for the company founded by Burkard Bovensiepen in 1965.

A new logo and “BMW ALPINA” lettering were discovered by an i5Talk forums member, registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office. While switching to “BMW ALPINA” would highlight the parent company, some argue that abandoning the heritage symbol would be a mistake, despite the new, simplified design featuring a stylized “A.”

It’s important to note that a trademark filing only guarantees immediate usage. Automakers often file trademarks to safeguard their intellectual property. Nevertheless, the filing suggests significant changes are on the horizon for ALPINA. BMW has vowed to approach these changes with caution and thoughtfulness. In an interview, Christian Tschurtschenthaler, BMW’s Vice President and Head of Series Luxury Class, hinted at ALPINA’s upward movement in the market. Bridging the gap between high-end BMWs and entry-level Rolls-Royce models is the plan, with the reintroduction of the B7 and the possibility of an ultra-posh XB7 as a more affordable alternative to the Cullinan.

However, the future of the B3/D3 S appears uncertain. Tschurtschenthaler’s statement raises questions about the viability of these models, as customers may question the value when encountering a B3 at a traffic light after investing substantial amounts in an ALPINA.

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