[Video] The All-new BMW M4 Competition Convertible

The all-new BMW M4 Convertible is the third member of the new M3/M4 family. For the first time, the Bavarian brand will also include a touring vehicle as well. Based on the M4 Coupe, the M4 Convertible features a lowered roof with sleek body lines and smooth surfaces. Its bulging wheel arches exude an elegant and dynamic look with the roof down. The M4 Convertible’s soft-top also looks like a sleek, performance GT vehicle when the roof is up.  Join Sam Delecia, the BMW UK Product Manager, as she introduces the all-new BMW M4 Competition Convertible live from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021.

Working in many ways, the M4 Convertible’s new folding soft-top is forty percent lighter than the previous hard-top. It reduces the overall curb weight, which enables BMW to include the additional structural bracing requirement. Compared to the old model, it exhibits a lower centre of gravity for improved agility and driving sensation. 

This new roof raises and shuts in just eighteen seconds and can also travel up to 31 miles per hour. It also includes a larger trunk than its predecessor, courtesy of its folding soft-top. As a result, with an increase of 34 litres from the previous model, the M4 Convertible now has 284 litres of total trunk space. 

Bearing 3.0-litre twin-turbo I6 engine, the M4 Convertible generates a whopping 503 horsepower and a torque of 649 Nm. It is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with xDrive all-wheel drive and will only come in Competition spec. Therefore, the M4 Convertible will have no manual transmission and no rear-wheel drive. It is a tad slower than the M3 and M4 models, with an acceleration of 3.6 seconds in a 0-60 mph drive.

With a market launch in October, the all-new BMW M4 Competition Convertible starts production in the United States in September 2021.

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