[VIDEO] The BMW X5 Against the Mercedes-Benz GLE

The BMW X5 is currently the brand’s best SUV. Its nice exterior and interior package, comfortability, and practicality make it an undeniable premium SUV. The BMW X5 is also available with a variety of engine options. It also comes with nice cabin high-technology features. But, more importantly, it’s an excellent BMW. For an SUV, the X5 has a superb ride and handling balance matched by its great engine and steering ability. As a result, the BMW X5 outperforms the majority of its competitors. Is it, however, better than the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, which is also one of the outstanding SUVs in the segment?

In this new Auto Trader UK video, we get to see if the BMW X5 can beat the Benz. However, this video brings a surprise such as how Rory Reid introduces us to his very own BMW X5. Reid compares his own X5 to the GLE to see if he made the right choice.

For starters, Reid prefers the X5’s appearance, particularly at the front, where the GLE appears glum. While the rest of both cars are attractive, the front look of the GLE cannot be argued when it comes to its aesthetic. Nevertheless, Mercedes features more exciting technology and its interior design for the GLE. It also adds more rear-seat amenities and improved rear-seat room. 

The two cars are diametrically opposed when it comes to driving dynamics. The Mercedes-Benz GLE is all about soft and luxurious comfort. Its design is to pamper its passengers and smooth out any bumps. While the BMW X5 is not that comfortable but it is a sportier and more engaging SUV to drive.

The X5, however, does have some literal flaws. Reid had several huge electronic failures during his two years of ownership. These issues involved the BMW X5’s steering, braking system, and air suspension. BMW ultimately had to replace the entire ECU, thus recognizing that these are not just small issues. Not only are those not minor flaws, but they could have been dangerous, eroding a customer’s trust in the vehicle.

So, which one would Reid choose if he had to do it all over again? To find out, watch the video below.

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