BMW Develops Solid-State Batteries Prototype by 2025

Several things should be taken into consideration when heading towards an electrified future. There are a lot of factors to look at before doing so. One of them is the battery packs of these future electrified cars. Future EVs and technology should be offering more compact packages with faster charging. It should also consider improving EVs to reach longer ranges. However, BMW seems to be making a change of the game with solid-state batteries. The idea of these solid-state batteries seems good, yet its development still looks far from now.

BMW Develops Solid-State Batteries Prototype by 2025

BMW states in a press release that it is currently working on the development of these batteries. The Bavarians meant bringing a new era with its previously announced Neue Klasse. Developing this new battery technology marks the sixth generation in the history of BMW. The automaker expects an increase in the energy density of battery cells by the end of the decade. Even only by a mid-double-digit percentage range.

The company estimates different cell formats for this sixth-generation of BMW e-drive technology. It includes the cell modules and cell chemistry in the current development phase. BMW’s goal is to go green and make low-carbon, eco-friendly, recyclable batteries.

BMW Develops Solid-State Batteries Prototype by 2025 1

The greenest electric car in the world will be a BMW according to the automaker. It is sustainable for its recyclable materials after its use. “We are developing the battery cell of the future. It will be powerful, safe, cost-effective, and recyclable – from material selection to recyclability after the use in the vehicle,” says Frank Weber – Board of Management of BMW AG, Development.

Moreover, the goal of BMW engineers is to make prototypes of solid-state batteries by 2025. “We are doing intensive research on solid-state battery technology. By the year 2030, we will be implementing an automotive-compatible solid-state battery for series production,” says Frank Weber.

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