ALPINA B3 Sedan: More Aggressive in this New Render

Recently, the new generation of ALPINA B3 gains more attention and adoration for creating a whole unique aura for the M3. As you can remember, the new BMW M3 isn’t well-received when it comes to its exterior styling, starting with the massive new grille upfront. Meanwhile, we have the ALPINA B3, which significantly enhanced the previous profile. It features a standard 3 Series grille and a simpler, less aggressive design. Interestingly, a newly rendered ALPINA B3 resurfaces – made more aggressive.

Check Out a More Aggressive ALPINA B3 Sedan in this Render

Magnus.Concept, the one who came up with the render, gave the supercar a look that is slammed, cambered, and with an interesting widebody kit.

Good thing the Magnus.Concept kept the stock ALPINA wheels for this model, as they look gorgeous. It also gives that more expressive stance because of the extreme negative camber. And when you try to look at it harder, it actually fits its profile and looks absolutely incredible.

Check Out a More Aggressive ALPINA B3 Sedan in this Render

Wearing the widebody kit, it appears with flared wheels arches. This feature creates a tamed look for the BMW M3 yet still complements the whole style. While the even lower look it possesses is courtesy of the additional front lip. On its rear profile is a more dominating rear diffuser. However, it wears the same quad exhaust pipes that protrude through the rear bumper. For finishing touches, the render features one of ALPINA’s signature designs.

Check Out a More Aggressive ALPINA B3 Sedan in this Render-2

This redesigned ALPINA B3 is undeniably stunning overall. It proves just how much the B3 is versatile in styling – from its standard design to more stanced, widebody kits. At the same time, it also implies that the standard 3 Series will look good with both. We can also see that if BMW M3 retained the familiar 3 Series grille, it would be just as aggressive-looking. In conclusion, the ALPINA B3 proves to be the best-looking 3 Series variant in the scene. And it can also sport a good look with an intensified exterior styling.

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