A Two-tone BMW 7 Series in The Auto Shanghai 2021

2021 Auto Shanghai may be a sign that we are about to get back to our regular lives as it is on its way. The pandemic dies down as more and more people get their vaccines. This Auto Shanghai 2021 would be the first-ever open-to-public auto show to happen ever since the pandemic began. Moreover, BMW showcases the special edition 7 Series coated in bespoke paint scheme at the 2021 Auto Shanghai.

New BMW 7 Series Special Edition Gets to China 1

With the BMW 7 Series comes exclusivity, luxury, and poise. A combination of the three revealed for the first time at the world’s largest auto shows. The Two-Tone BMW 7 Series poses at the Auto Shanghai wearing a Cashmere Silver metallic/Aventurine Red metallic coating. This special edition 7 Series came from the BMW M760Li xDrive with 12-cylinders. The production of this sedan will be only limited to 25 samples exclusively for Chinese customers.

These two-tone finishers are not unusual, as seen on some models from a wide range of other carmakers. Rolls-Royce and Bentley both have this kind of styling. These sort of finish in particular models are both in the Rolls-Royce and Bentley. To have an expensive finish, customers usually have to pay. That goes the same when getting this special edition M760Li xDrive model. If you are into this performance and style combined perfectly, then get your pockets ready as it would not come at a bargain price.

There is no price available for now. But after seeing its finisher, do not expect that this will come at a low price. It might come expensive as it packs a powerful 6.6-liter V12 engine beneath its lid. The top-end BMW 7 Series still goes worldwide until the present. However, the BMW M760Li xDrive is only available in selected countries. Even so, considering to get one is a good move as it is pretty impressive indeed.

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