Can the brand-new BMW G80 M3 Drive outdo its grilles?

Fans have been continuously complaining about BMW’s idea with the design of the G80 BMW M3 grilles. Not only that, it is in the G80 M3 but also other models such as the 4 Series. Most enthusiasts and journos complain about how its massive grille looks. Yet, many hoped that its driving dynamics would make up for that unnecessary large grilles. Johnny Lieberman finds that out in this new review from Motor Trend.

Can the New BMW G80 M3 Drive Outdo its Grilles

Lieberman is never a fan of the BMW G80 M3’s looks. “The face of the new M3 (and its two-door sibling, the M4) doesn’t look human. It’s alien, unfamiliar, insectoid,” says Johnny Lieberman. The looks gave an uneasy feeling of the M3 for some car guys and probably might turn off some potential customers. However, Johnny points out the pros of the M3 in this review, despite its unlikely design at the front. Future M3 owners might want to try it out before making judgments.

Can the New BMW G80 M3 Drive Outdo its Grilles 1

This new G80 BMW M3 is not just good to drive, but it is rather remarkable. It comes shockingly fast on twisty roads, with a sharp front end and lots of torque. The M3 is good enough to go against its more expensive and powerful cars. The fascinating sports seats also make up for its front look.

Johnny mentions the weight of the M3 in this review. Many car guys and fans become disturbed with the new BMW M3’s weight increase. Motor Trend tried to weigh the new M3, and the results are unexpected. Its weight checks at a lower curb weight than what many expect.

Moreover, its grills and increased weight do not change how great of a car it is. The guys from Motor Trend give the new BMW G80 M3 a new light. The M3 remains pretty remarkable and impressive.

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