[Video] New BMW M3 Competition goes Head-On Giulia QV

The BMW G80 M3 Competition is known for its reputation over time. It has been a while since the BMW M3 came out, yet it is still on track having more comparisons. Everyone pays attention to the M3 when a new one comes out to see if it can defend itself against any potential rival out there. This time, the BMW G80 M3 Competition dares to go head-to-head to another one. Evo releases a new video of the new BMW M3 Competition on track, taking on the Giulia QV. Along with its similar specs, which one of these takes the title?

In this video, the guys from Evo put the new M Car against several fascinating cars. Two of these come in front-wheel-drive. One takes the game further with the BMW M3 Competition – the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde (QV). These cars pack massive 500 horsepower with six-cylinder engines beneath their lids. Both also come in rear-wheel drive setups and a longer wheelbase, making both cars a good match.

What makes things more interesting is that the BMW and the Giulia share the same amount of power and similar cylinders. They both even have the same amount of gears. Later on, the BMW M3 will be available in an all-wheel-drive setup just like the Giulia. Looking at the spec sheets, the QV appears to be lighter than the BMW M3 Competition with 180 kilos. Its weight should probably make a difference on the tracks.

Moreover, these two other cars – the Honda Civic Type-R and Mercedes-AMG A45 S – still join the fun. With its 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, the Honda Civic Type-R makes 320 horsepower. A fun factor of the Civic Type-R is its manual gearbox with the front-wheel-drive setup of the car. The Mercedes-AMG A45 S then makes 421 horsepower.

Check out this newly released video from EVO, as it puts on these cars on track. So, which one of these two takes the lead?

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