The BMW M4 Convertible to go on sale before Summer

There are two models of the BMW M3 and M4 that have not been formally unveiled so far. One of them is the BMW M3 Touring, which we’re not going to see for a while. The other one we’re probably going to see soon enough—the BMW M4 Convertible.

The BMW M4 Convertible

We have only seen the regular plebian 4 Series, which was launched in public last year. But the proper M4 Convertible hasn’t been revealed yet. The BMW claims that they will unveil this unit in the first half of the year. And might actually be available in the market before the summer ends.

In the recent press release, the BMW M announced that their BMW M4 convertible would be released in time for the warm season. So if you’ve been looking for a convertible M4, you should be able to acquire one in time for the summer.

BMW wasn’t clear about when the M4 Convertible would launch and how long it would be available for purchase. Nor was it specific about when to expect the M4 Convertible to be available to customers. We do not know whether North America will receive the topless M4 at the same time as Europe. And if so, if they will have to wait. History suggests that it is most likely to be the latter, but these are odd times, so we don’t know what will happen.

The brand just said that it is still in the development phase, as for the other still-hidden M vehicle, the upcoming BMW M3 Touring. So don’t hope to see it anytime at all. However, we would not be surprised if the M3 Touring made its official debut by the end of 2021. Probably at Q4. There’s no definite term, even from close sources, about that, but that’s our guess.

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