[VIDEO] Carbon Fiber Sport Seats feature of BMW M3 and M4

The new Carbon Fiber Sport Seats is one of the latest features offered on the BMW M3 and M4. This comes as an optional feature for M3 and M4, including its Competitions. These incredibly cool-looking seats are not only for aesthetics as it also provides you an impressive comfort. Thus, providing its passenger an extra measure of safety and ease during travel. In this video, we will get to know more about this feature and its functions.

In the first part of the video, you will see the standard seat featured in every M3 and M4 units, even with its rival. Being a standard, you will get these seats with nice bolsters and plenty of adjustments with your unit acquired. One thing is that they are not that appealing.

And then here’s the Carbon Fiber Sport Seats. Impressively, the BMW didn’t tailor the Carbon Fiber Sport Seats into one piece. Meaning to say, the seat back and the seat bottom are separate pieces. This was customized to keep the seat adjustable. However, the back of the seat is still made of carbon fiber, saving 5 kg per seat.

BMW carefully considered everything that appeals to the driver upon tailoring these seats. Since the headrests are not adjustable on the carbon seats, they can become a nuisance for helmet-wearing drivers on track. So, with only two easily accessible screws holding it on, BMW made the leather headrest pad removable, allowing a few extra centimeters of room in which a helmet can rest.

The M carbon bucket seat is likely to be the best option for clients. Not only does it look great, but when traveling fast, it offers a lot of comforts. As there is less padding, it also helps you feel the car a little more from your bottom.

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