Spy Photo – 2011 MINI Cooper S Facelift with No Camouflage

The revamped 2011 MINI Cooper S model was photographed with almost no camouflage at all! Here we can definitely see that the changes made were very subtle, with obvious lower grille similarity to the Countryman.

The previous lower grille with chrome surrounding is now replaced with two chrome rimmed air-intakes which offers enhanced air intakes. Brakes will definitely have better ventilation. The bonnet will be more aggressive, but the faux air intake will still be there.

The fog lamps at the rear-end are more prominent than in the old design. New LEDs will be used in the classic taillight design and the indicator turn. The rear bumper is also noticeably more aggressive.

Now we have a better idea of how the 2011 MINI Cooper S will look like in the August 2010 launch.

Source: Autoexpress

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