And the World Green Car Award for the year 2008 goes to…….

The World Car Awards for the year 2008 was simply a fantastic event. Major car companies represented themselves for the show of a lifetime and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that car mogul BMW would shine no matter what. The members of the jury of the World Car Awards 2008 proudly announced the European BMW 118d Advanced Diesel as the 2008 World Green Car. The President and CEO of BMWNA, Tom Purves, accepted this award on behalf of the company at the auto show held in New York.

BMW promises its consumers stating their commitment towards reducing fuel consumption as also for reducing the release of harmful emitants which could lead to polluting the air. However, at the same time, the company also assured its customers that they will achieve this without comprising the performance of their cars. Purves also said that due to this honor, the company will try to minimize its carbon footprints. The 118d is a car with a four cylinder diesel with a 1.8 litre powered engine. The BMW 118d Advanced Diesel is not available in the US markets.

It was a tough competition for the BMW with contenders such as the Smart For Two CDI and also the Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI but then the 118d Advanced Diesel emerged victorious. However, the World Car Awards are not for competing, instead, they are a way of initiation so that car companies come out and display what they have to offer the consumers with respect to sedans, sports cars as well as the concept cars.

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