Pre-LCI BMW X7 Out On A Mountain Drive

BMW is gearing up for the LCI facelift for the X7 SUV. In the meantime, check out the pre-LCI BMW X7 as it takes a mountain drive.

Pre-LCI BMW X7 Out On A Mountain Drive

The LCI X7 will bring BMW’s new split-headlight design and illuminated kidney grilles. In addition, the new facelift will pack some new interior details. While waiting for the LCI, let us take a look at the original BMW X7 before it goes. In these photos, the pre-LCI BMW X7 is out for a mountain drive.

Some people see the BMW X7 as an overweight and expensive machine. Well, it’s all that. But there’s more to the X7 than meets the eye. For starters, the O.G. X7 is one of the Bavarian’s best bimmers. It might sound contradictory for some but the X7 is a great car overall. It is one of the best BMW luxury cars that we have seen so far.

Pre-LCI BMW X7 Out On A Mountain Drive

Although the BMW X7 is no 2 series, it is surprisingly fun to drive. It is a better drive compared to any three-row SUV out there. Not to mention the physics that the Bavarians did on this SUV. The X7 drives down the road as smooth as a smaller car. Additionally, it remains comfortable and widely spacious.

Moreover, the X7 with seven seats is spacious enough and very accommodating. It can comfortably seat adults without any issues. The third-row seats even have their own glass panel on the roof. They also have a climate zone, cupholders, and USB-C ports. The third-row seat is a fairly comfortable treat for children during a long drive.

Pre-LCI BMW X7 Out On A Mountain Drive

The photos of the original BMW X7 here look stunning in the mountain backdrop. It also shows that you can drive the X7 even through mountain tracks. This SUV promises both comfort and enjoyment throughout the mountain drive.

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