BMW.SG in Munich 2021: A quick peek into BMW Group Classic

Having covered both the BMW Welt and museum with plenty of time left for the day, I figured a quick pop into the gift shops wouldn’t hurt since I wasn’t in any rush to go anywhere.

Whilst the museum also has its own little gift shop, it is as I mentioned, on the small side though it does carry plenty of German automotive literature. Some of the items here are specific to the BMW museum but most of the items here can also be found at the main shop in the Welt. I did pick up a BMW museum bear and 1:64 scale Isetta though.

I did find prices for T-shirts in both gift shops are shall we say, somewhat prohibitive ranging between €39-€69, After grabbing a simple keychain for the ’02 I decided to spend the rest of my hard-earned euros elsewhere. Maybe on food.

Not this one though. I think it looks sweet but I’m too much of a stinge to blow €39 on a keychain.

For those who really want everything to carry a BMW logo! They should sell BMW Welt/BMW Museum stickers, I’d totally buy them.

This Mini bib was cute!

With my small bits of shopping done it was time to head off, but before I U-bahned it back into town, there was a little detour I wanted to make because located not too far off the Welt is the HQ of BMW Group Classic and while tours are no longer conducted, it was still a place I’d like to at least see with my own eyes.

Situated just one train station away, BMW Group Classic at Moosacher Straße 66 is the go-to location for everything related to classic BMWs. Encompassing a facility to store all of BMW’s rare treasures and their accompanying parts, BMW Group Classic also has workshops to work on, rebuild and restore all of the marque’s classic vehicles. It also has a small little cafe where meets happen and also where I’d grab a quick lunch and coffee.

Unfortunately, or maybe because it was a weekday, there wasn’t any event happening but I was happy enough to just be able to peer through the glass windows. There’s just something different to seeing these cars outside of a museum and under natural light. I can’t imagine how much it’d cost to have BMW Group Classic work on your car though.

They were not all that keen to work on my ’02 though. Pity.

A simple sandwich and coffee surrounded by classic autos. I can understand why this would be the perfect place for a car meet.

With nothing much else to do after finishing my small lunch it was time to head back into town. Once again, they really should sell some stickers. I’d really love to rock a BMW Group Classic decal on my 2002.

Thank you BMW Group Classic, hope to see you again in the near future.

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