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BMW M Division to celebrate its 50th anniversary

The legendary BMW M division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. Signs indicate that something special is planned for this event, even though BMW has kept a low profile so far. This year’s M models will sport new insignia, but we expect more surprises from BMW in the future.

The original “BMW Motorsport” emblems will be fitted to the front, rear and wheel hubs of cars ordered with the M Sport package from March 2022. BMW says the badge reflects the subdivision’s love of racing. It also represents the heritage of the BMW M brand as an alternative to the standard BMW emblem. BMW M vehicles can be ordered with this unique offer from the end of January 2022.

In addition, 50 classic and historically significant BMW M paint colours will be available for selected vehicles in 2022. Colours such as Dakar Yellow, Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue, Imola Red and Frozen Marina Bay Blue have marked BMW M’s 50-year heritage. BMW M GmbH CEO Franciscus van Meel says the traditional ‘BMW Motorsport’ emblem is perfect to celebrate the company’s milestone.

He added that the year will be filled with spectacular performances and innovative product presentations. The BMW Motorsport GmbH racing car with the BMW symbol featuring moving semi-circles in blue, purple and red first appeared in 1978 with the BMW M1. It features three colour stripes inclining to the right. It also became a well-known brand named outside of motorsport.

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