[VIDEO] Watch This 660 HP Mosselman-Tuned BMW X3 M in Action

The M3 Touring, the first-ever M3 wagon in BMW’s history, has BMW enthusiasts all twitching with excitement. However, a relatively tiny number of BMW fanatics can purchase an M3 Touring. It’s because not all markets will receive it, and each market will have a restricted number of allocations. Thankfully, the BMW X3 M Competition is an option. It’s larger, heavier, and less sporty. However, it has the same drivetrain and all-wheel drive. Lastly, it can be tuned to be just as exciting, as seen in this brand-new AutoTopNL video.

This new video shows us a Mosselman-tuned BMW X3 M Competition, which is pretty much the ideal everyday driving for most BMW fans. The Mosselman tuning kit for the X3 M has the advantage of being very well thought out. Mosselman went beyond simply trying to make it obscenely loud and robust. Because its engineers and technicians are aware of what X3 M consumers want and need, they were able to design the ideal automobile.

It is more potent than stock with 660 horsepower—more than 150 horsepower than the factory car. It’s interesting to note that Mosselman used XHP software to modify the gearbox and the engine. This results in sharper, quicker, and sportier gear changes.

With a 200-cell catalytic converter, resonator, and Fi exhaust, it is also noisier. But more crucially, Mosselman removed the burble-tune, so it doesn’t have the original vehicle’s annoyingly artificial pops and bangs. It’s quieter than the factory exhaust when its valves are closed. It is much nicer than the original vehicle and has a much more aggressive sound.

The BMW X3 M Competition is a fantastic substitute for the BMW M3 Touring if you cannot obtain one but need a fun, quick, daily family haulier with a Roundel. It may be improved even more with a few wise adjustments. This Mosselman-tuned vehicle is the ideal illustration of it.

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