Rear-Wheel Drive BMW M4 Proves Capable in the Snow and Ice

The Snow and Ice Challenge is a thrilling test of a BMW M car’s capabilities on slippery surfaces. Held in the snowy and icy Alpine town of Sölden, Austria, the challenge showcases the importance of having the right tires for winter driving. In a new video from Joe Achilles, we see him take on the challenge in a rear-wheel drive BMW M4 equipped with Michelin X-Ice North studded winter tires.

Despite the seemingly impossible task of driving on an icy surface with a rear-wheel drive car, the M4 proved surprisingly capable with the right tires. The Michelin X-Ice North tires, specially made for Scandinavian markets, allowed the M4 to grip the icy surface easily.

Traction control also plays a vital role in winter driving, as it helps put the power down on slippery surfaces. The BMW M4’s sophisticated traction control system helped Achilles navigate the icy terrain easily, allowing him to focus on steering and keeping the car under control.

Overall, the Snow and Ice Challenge video showcases the impressive capabilities of a powerful rear-wheel drive car equipped with the right tires and advanced traction control. It’s a must-watch for any car enthusiast.

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