[VIDEO] BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition in a Review

BMW made up some of its striking models in the BMW M range, including the BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition. It all began when BMW introduced their game-changer M xDrive all-wheel-drive system. This feature allowed them to ace and keep-up with the competition. It has also been a turning point for most cars in the current line-up, even in drag races. Check out for more details in this video of Roads Untraveled with the dubbed Autobahn Killer – BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition.

The new M8 Gran Coupe Competition arrives packed with the ultimate version of the S63 engine. Its latest version of the S63 engine appeared to be one of the best twin-turbo V8 engines ever made. It gives the M8 Gran Coupe a tuning potential increasing its limit than the standard power figures. Thanks to those who have been taking care of the engines for a huge helping hand. 

Roads Untraveled find it hard to act unimpressed when taking on one of the fastest cars BMW ever made. However, the Bavarians did a great job of being able to modulate and control the speed. The group had the chance to drive the M8 Gran Coupe in Competition clothes along the Autobahn highway. Driving a beautiful yet sleek BMW M8 did leave a big impression on them. 

It was dubbed as an ‘Autobahn killer’ by the reviewers for its speed. Getting an M8 Gran Coupe leaves you with two options. For you to experience pleasure with the M8, you can drive to the tracks. Or if you want to press the gas pedal for more than 4 seconds to have an experience with it properly without going to jail, then you can drive to an unrestrained highway. Moreover, taking on the BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition will only tap at about ten percent of what it is truly capable of on public roads. 

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