[VIDEO] E46 BMW M3 CSL: Converted in Manual Transmission

There’s a lot of discussion about legacy now that the new G80 BMW M3 is here. “M3” is a name whose sense has altered significantly over the past three decades and holds much weight. It is going to keep on changing as the decades go on. But it’s tempting to look back at prior M3s to see whether the legendary model was at its best. We may have discovered it in the E46 BMW M3 CSL in this latest video from Harry’s Garage. Not just the ordinary M3 CSL, but one that has been converted manually.

The E46 BMW M3 CSL was only available with a six-speed SMG automatic manual transmission when it was new. The SMG gearbox was clunky and difficult to use daily, even though it was quicker than a proper manual. Enthusiasts have been asking for the manual version of it, but there’s nothing available. However, many tuning shops have converted M3 CSLs over to manual transmissions and one such shop in the UK in recent years. And Everything M3s has been doing a perfect job than anyone else.

We take a look at a manual-converted E46 M3 CSL in this video from Harry Metcalf. We’ve seen such a car before in other video reviews, but Metcalf provides insight further than anybody else and explains what makes the car special and unique.

It is enough to declare the E46 M3 CSL as the best M3 of all time because of its sound, equal parts exhaust, and its induction noise. The 3.2-litre naturally aspirated I6 comes to life due to the manual gearbox and shorter gearing from a differential shift. A spine-tingling metallic bark, a wail that is nothing short of addictive, and its carbon fibre intake manifold also make the loveliest of induction noises.

It isn’t just the noise, though. Among other M3s, its steering is superb, and its handling is unrivalled. After seeing this video, we could say that it is just a pure engaging and exciting package and can’t be anything other than the success of the BMW M3.

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