[Video] The Latest BMW M5’s RWD & AWD Setup

Is it better to have an all-wheel-drive setup or a rear-wheel-drive setup when it comes to tracking times? It is the biggest arguments today in the automotive industry. However, it is evident that all-wheel-drive helps in drag racing, but things are a little different on the track. With an all-new BMW M5, the guys from Tyre Reviews is ready to find out which one is better. Check out this video below.

It isn’t an accident that the Tyre Reviews pick out the all-new BMW M5. Because the BMW M5 is the first M vehicle that has an all-wheel-drive. At the touch of a button, the BMW M5 uses a system that can switch to an RWD setup. The goal of the test is to ensure that the only difference between runs is where the power is applied. To thoroughly compare the two setups, Tyre Reviews use the same driver, track and tires. 

However, the video isn’t just focusing on the lap times. You can see some significant variances in the recorded times as it goes through a range of scenarios. A wet, standing start acceleration test kicks things off, for instance. Therefore, in AWD mode, the most remarkable run is 4 seconds while 8.6 seconds for RWD mode. 

The difference is still evident in the dry test. While switching to launch control, the M5 manages to get the best time of 3.8 seconds in the 0-60 mph launches in RWD mode. However, by nearly a second, AWD mode reduces that time. Though only by a fraction of a second, the 4WD Sport setting surpassed RWD and 4WD modes. This is possible when it comes to lap times. As a result, the test concludes that having an all-wheel-drive vehicle will be beneficial.

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