[Video] 1,000 HP M4 Competition Burns Rubber in This Rally

Over the years, many drifters choose BMW as their best weapon on track. It comes from the Bavarian brand’s rear-wheel-drive setups matched with powerful engines upfront. This makes a very provocative proposition from the get-go. And, most BMW cars, even in their entry-level guise, can deliver a good enough performance for prolonged drift sessions. Especially when the BMW M division officially joins the rally, amazing projects inevitably come up. Like the one with M4 Competition and Red Bull Driftbrothers.

A team made up of family members, the Driftbrothers from Germany made headlines and got people interested. They are literally living up their name in real life. And they do sign off on some fantastic drifts. In their most recent project, they partnered with BMW M and created two identical BMW M4 Competition drift cars. These units have just been unveiled and taken around the Red Bull Ring for the first time. At that time, also present there was Markus Flasch, the CEO of the company.

The cars underwent a complete overhaul of almost everything, and it took them only 8 weeks to do this. Of course, the guys also had their work cut out, from the aerodynamics to the suspension geometry and everything in between. For the S58 engines, they come equipped with new, bigger turbos, a more efficient radiator and many other add-ons. As a result, the engines now produce over 1,000 HP and almost 1,300 Nm of torque.

That is twice the power the cars make in standard form. They also modified the exhaust system, with the tailpipes rerouted to the rear window instead of going under the rear bumper. It definitely looks as crazy as it sounds. Flasch points out that the body kit is crazy, but it seems like it perfectly fits the bill. After taking one of them for a spin, he also added that burning rubber in these cars would definitely be a pleasure.

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