G20 Production Ends Oct ’26, Next Gen Nov

BMW confirms the Neue Klasse will bring an electric 3 Series Sedan soon. Reports clarify G20 production ending October 2026. G50 takes over in November 2026, featuring 318, 320, 330, 330 xDrive, and M350 xDrive—sans the “i” suffix.

Questions remain about diesel models, and a gasoline M3 launch is unlikely as BMW M focuses on electric high-performance. The Neue Klasse architecture will underpin the first all-electric M cars. These are the M3 Sedan, M3 Touring, iX3 M, and iX4 M, expected in the latter half of the decade.

Enthusiasts anticipate the electric future, with G20 getting a pseudo-LCI in 2024. Updates include an illuminated grille, crystal controls, and engine tweaks for Euro 7 compliance. 

If G20 lasts until October 2026, it marks an eight-year run since mid-October 2018. BMW’s direct shift signals the end of an era, emphasizing luxury and performance in the evolving automotive landscape.

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