[VIDEO] Joe Achilles collects his new BMW M3 xDrive

Joe Achilles recently returned his BMW M3 Competition, a strange decision. Another M3 made him exchange the car he had owned for just over a year. The new car is a BMW M3 xDrive, the first-ever M3 with all-wheel drive. An unusual move for a fan of rear-wheel drive cars. This video is more about the new car, even as he explains why he decided to trade in a highly customised car so early.

Achilles takes delivery of his new BMW M3 xDrive in this video, which will please fans of unboxing videos. He examines his new car for the first time, removes the cover, peels the protective stickers off various parts and takes it for a test drive.

His BMW M3 xDrive is a fascinating option. It’s the first time we have seen a BMW M3 in Dravite Grey, and it’s more intriguingly grey than you might expect. At first sight, it appears to be an ordinary charcoal grey, but on closer inspection, you’ll find it has more depth and sheen. He chose Fiona Red leather for the interior, a fantastic colour combination. The vibrant, lively red leather contrasts beautifully with the dark grey.

The BMW M3 xDrive is very similar to the typical Competition version. Both share the same powertrain: a 3.0-litre twin-turbo I6 with 503 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, matched with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Unlike the M5, however, the M3 xDrive has an all-wheel drive, which he can switch to rear-wheel drive. However, this slight difference makes a huge difference because the M3 xDrive is faster than the base car.

Achilles will no doubt be releasing numerous other videos about his M3 xDrive and how it differs from his past rear-wheel drive vehicle.

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