BMW M Goes Electric with Twin-Motor and Quad-Motor Options

In a chat with Ars Technica, BMW M’s CEO, Frank Van Meel, unveiled plans for future electric BMW M models. He shared that their engineers are exploring twin-motor RWD and quad-motor AWD designs. Van Meel believes the quad-motor approach could elevate the handling of these electric M cars.

The technology will allow BMW to craft advanced logic systems for drivetrain management. Moreover, Van Meel suggests that the quad-motor setup can pave the way for ABS electric brake systems in electric race cars, boosting energy recovery and track endurance. This hints at future races featuring electric vehicles.

Van Meel acknowledges the quad-motor setup’s complexity compared to its twin-motor counterpart. BMW is exploring a twin-motor RWD design for upcoming electric M cars, valuing its weight benefits and handling prowess. Van Meel emphasizes BMW’s dedication to crafting electric drivetrains meeting their rigorous standards. He stresses the need for compact, robust, and well-cooled electric motors. Furthermore, he reveals BMW’s plans for a novel battery concept in the Neue Klasse design, ensuring uninterrupted motor operation without overheating.

The M Division is deliberating the future of the M3 and M4 models. Initially, there was talk of electrifying them by 2027. Yet, retaining their traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) variants has also been discussed. Should both versions thrive, it raises a unique marketing challenge. More on that to follow.

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