[VIDEO] BMW 760i Protection Takes Center Stage in Movie-Like Ad

Even in Europe, where BMW typically doesn’t offer the 760i to the average individual, one can still access a 7 Series equipped with a V8. The twin-turbo 4.4-litre “S68” engine, native to the North American G70, has always powered the Protection model’s newly launched armoured luxury vehicle. A cinematic ad shot in Sofia, Bulgaria showcases this premium, heavyweight 7er.

The VIP relaxes in the rear of the armoured sanctuary, comforted by its VR9 certification. While the 7 Series Protection closely mirrors a regular vehicle, this subtlety is typical for speciality cars; owners prefer blending in to avoid drawing attention. Standing out could make them prime targets for attackers. The vehicle’s fresh-air system and dual-mode fire extinguisher could be life-saving in dire situations.

Codenamed G73, the 7 Series Protection isn’t limited to the V8. BMW also presents it as the hefty electric i7, weighing 4,900 kilograms (10,802 pounds). Given the i7’s range of 380 kilometres (236 miles), if we need an armoured car, we’d lean towards the 760i. The assurance of longer-lasting gasoline over battery life offers peace of mind.

In December 2023, deliveries to consumers are expected to begin, but this isn’t the only armoured vehicle that BMW offers. There is also an X5 Protection with VR6 certification based on the X5 M60i. The S68 engine is present, as well as a similar range of extras, including an intercom, flagpoles, and more flashing lights.

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