[Video] Long-term BMW 420i Update from Joe Achilles

It is always exciting to look at the updates and reviews on some pretty impressive cars, such as the BMW M4. However, this kind of car is not the type that the majority of fans can buy. Getting a BMW M4 will probably cost extra bucks, which is why most BMW customers get either the BMW 420i or 430i instead. Videos like one from Joe Achilles come in handy when looking for real-world reviews and updates on a car. Most people end up checking sites to see if a car is actually worth the buy. Joe Achilles releases another video on his long-termer BMW 420i on a ride. Check out for more details in this new video from Joe Achilles.

Achilles spends a couple of months on his long-term BMW 420i loaner. He also spent some time driving the new BMW M4, including other great and well-known cars. Joe gives us updates on how it is like to own the BMW 420i – a counterpart and a more affordable M4-like car. So, what are Joe’s insights, and how does it feel living with a BMW 420i?

The new BMW 420i is capable of driving long distances and is a fun car to drive. As seen in this video, Joe takes the 420i out for a long-distance drive, going to a press event at Goodwood. Being an entry-level model and a new 4 Series, the BMW 420i offers fascinating specs to its future owners. The 420i comes with a quiet cabin, a near-perfect driving position, great tech, and an excellent ride. These 4 Series might not be the best of the best sports car in the section, yet it is an impressive GT car.

Moreover, the 420i carries a slower engine that requires quite a bit of revving to get power out of it. That is not too bad. Yet, the BMW 420d would be a better option for its lower-end torque. The BMW 4 Series, in general, is outstanding for daily use and an everyday car. It has been a pretty good car for Achilles over the few months with it.

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