Seven BMW M6 GT3 Runs at 24-Hour Race in Nurburgring

The 24-hour Nurburgring race is quickly approaching this year. Racing teams that signed up will be competing for the starting positions on the grid. A six-hour qualifying race is also about to launch this Sunday. BMW states that there will be at least seven M6 GT3 cars positioning in the 49th edition of the Eifel Marathon. These seven M6 GT3 cars will compete for a good position on the starting grid of the race. The event will be on this coming 5th and 6th of June.

Seven BMW M6 GT3 Runs at 24-Hour Race in Nurburgring

Cars number 1 (formerly number 99) and number 98 are from ROWE Racing. Nick Catsburg, John Edward, Phillip Eng, and Nick Catsburg will be driving car one. The former two won the race back in 2020 and were among the driver line-up. They won the 20th title for BMW in the historic race. Connor De Phillippi, Martin Tomczyk, Sheldon van der Linde and Marco Wittmann will be driving the other ROWE Racing car.

Seven BMW M6 GT3 Runs at 24-Hour Race in Nurburgring 1

In this year’s event, Walkenhorst Motorsport will be featuring three race cars. Henry Walkenhorst, together with Jörg Breuer, Andreas Ziegler, and Friedrich von Bohlen will be behind the wheel for car number 100. While Christian Krognes, David Pittard, Ben Tuck, and Christian Krognes will be taking on Car number 101. The last M6 GT3 wears the Walkenhorst Motorsport colors with the number 102. Mario von Bohlen, Jörg Müller and Jakub Giermaziak, and Mario von Bohlen will pilot car number 102.

The BMW M6 GT3 in number 20 will be racing with Jens Klingmann, Alexander Sims, Jesse Krohn, and Stef Dusseldorp behind the wheels from Schubert Motorsport. Furthermore, the BMW Junior team will also join the race. The trio Dan Harper, Neil Verhagen, and Max Hesse will be on the number 77, along with BMW Works Driver Augusto Farfus for more driving experience

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