[VIDEO] BMW i7 – An Unbiased, Straightforward Review

The recent launch of the new 7 Series and its electric sibling, the BMW i7, has sparked consensus. Their understated exterior conceals a luxurious interior. Joe Achilles, a YouTuber and longtime 7 Series owner offers unique insight. He knows the series intimately, having chauffeured thousands of miles in various models. So, what’s his verdict on the fresh-off-the-line i7?

Joe’s initial feedback on the i7’s interior is that it seems less refined than the previous 7 Series. Although it’s been a while since he last drove one, he remembers its exquisite interior. However, the prior 7 Series’ design, which he hasn’t sampled in years, might have outshone the new model.

However, the seats are beyond reproach: comfortable and perfectly positioned. Also, the i7 boasts a hushed interior with superb ride quality. After test-driving the 760i and its robust V8 engine, I can attest that the 7 Series is only marginally less tranquil and cosy than a Rolls-Royce Ghost — an excellent space for extended journeys.

Yet, if driving pleasure matters, it may disappoint. Achilles, in his video, find the i7 cumbersome when driven aggressively. Despite its air suspension and active anti-roll bars ensuring stable cornering, the weight hampers enjoyment. Having only gone with the V8-powered 760i, I imagine the i7’s extra weight could be impactful. The 760i once amazed me on a winding Californian mountain road. While I haven’t piloted the i7, Achilles’ handling critique seems plausible.

The previous 7 Series likely felt sportier. This might be intentional as the new 7 Series leans more towards luxury. The predecessor strived to marry luxury and performance.

Given the widespread accolades since its launch, it’s surprising to hear criticisms about the i7’s cabin and build quality. Diverse opinions are helpful, providing a more balanced view of the vehicle’s natural character.

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