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The BMW i7 Brings New Level 2+ Self-Driving Features

New and cutting-edge self-driving features take centre stage in the new BMW i7 and 7 Series vehicles. Additionally, only the United States and Canada can access some Level 2+ autonomous driving features. BMW enthusiasts had the chance to test the functionality of the driver assistance functions, which includes the i7 electric. Although the sensor configuration for a Level 3 implementation is in the new 7 Series and i7, Germany won’t see that implementation for some time.


The Highway Assistant is also accessible in the US thanks to Level 2+ functionality. It can operate up to 137 km/h (85 mph). When you push the drive or brake pedal, the Level 2+ will not immediately turn off. But instead, it switches back to Level 2 operations. This can benefit the driver from hands-free driving for extended periods as it performs extremely well.

The BMW i7 allows you to switch to the Driver Assistant Pro feature (Level 2+) if you meet some of its conditions. This includes lane detection, highway driving, and eye camera detection. The BMW i7 / 7 Series handles lane changing, speed, distance control, and braking. Of course, the system ensures the driver is awake and paying attention to the road. But it can also give a signal for you to take control if the camera behind the wheel is unable to detect your eyes.

The absence of lane markers is one example of when the car can urge you to take the wheel. The function has an upper limit of 85 mph, but it can still go 1-2 mph over that if you accelerate quickly. This is designed to provide a smooth transition to a Level 2 system.

The Level 3 functions will be quite thrilling, even though they won’t be accessible in the United States (at least not very soon). In this instance, it claims that the driver’s concentration is no longer necessary. Moreover, the camera in the car is no longer required to monitor the driver’s eye movement continuously. How will that function in practical situations? Although the outcome is yet uncertain, the idea is highly intriguing.

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