BMW i7 Boasting its 31.3-Inch Theatre Screen

When it comes to visual entertainment, bigger is always better. Therefore, the BMW i7 boasting its 31.3-inch theatre screen is a real treat for movie lovers.

BMW i7

BMW surely did not hold back in upgrading its rear-seat entertainment system for its 7 Series G70. The traditional tablet-looking displays usually found on the back of each front seat are now becoming history. Now, we are treated with an enormous theatre screen packed with the latest technologies and applications. With crisp 8K resolution and Amazon Fire TV integration, you’ll find it hard to leave your seat. The new ultra-widescreen can also be controlled through touch panels on the door cards.

Aside from watching your favorite movies, the 31.3-inch theatre screen supports other entertainment activities. You can also play your favorite playlist or watch its music videos on the go. The ultra-widescreen also enables the rear seat passengers to play games or download apps.

BMW i7 Boasting its 31.3-Inch Theatre Screen

Still, the theatre screen shines the best for watching high-definition movies. It supports 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 aspect ratios. Therefore, you can literally watch in high-definition any movie or clip you want. Bowers & Wilkins powers its sound system but you can also use two Bluetooth headphones. With this entertainment feature, the BMW i7 can pass as a moving theatre room!

BMW ensures to give a cinema-like experience through other features of the BMW i7. The rear and side windows’ sunblinds and panoramic glass add to this cinema-like effect. You can also adjust the ambient lighting to dimmed to complete that theatre experience.

This ultra-widescreen of the BMW i7 also folds nicely into the roof after you’re done with it. The 31.3-inch theatre screen looks as wide as the cabin which makes it a captivating experience. A one-of-a-kind entertainment feature, the BMW i7 boasting this theatre screen is worth the bragging.

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