[VIDEO] Watch Why E36 BMW M3 Deserves A Comeback

In the history of the BMW M3, the E36 usually ranks least as a favorite. But it’s not really the bimmer’s fault. In this video, you can watch why E36 BMW M3 truly deserves a comeback.

It is not easy to be the next generation after the iconic E30 M3. Moreover, it is a big challenge to be the predecessor of the E46 M3. Especially when the E46 M3 was dubbed as the best M3 generation. Therefore, it is genuinely not the E36 BMW M3’s fault for receiving the least amount of love from fans.

There is no question that the E36 M3 was so different from the original E30 M3. While the E30 was lightweight, the E36 was powerful and heavy. But the latter was also safer, more comfortable, and packed with more tech. These features gained some approval from the fans. Others, however, felt that it tamed the M3’s reputation as a race car for the road.

Recently, though, the E36 BMW M3 has been gaining more attention and value. Most likely, this is because the vehicle has become one of the most affordable M3s today. The prices for its E30 and E46 M3 siblings continue to spike up, thus, making fans check out the E36.

Enthusiasts who checked out the E36 then saw the vehicle’s real beauty and value. Without comparison and through firsthand experience, fans quickly saw the E36 M3’s worth. This recent video from Doug DeMuro will take you closer to the E36. Note that this particular E36 is a Euro model. Meaning to say, it has a larger and more powerful engine.

As the E36 BMW M3 hints at a comeback, you should know the reasons behind it. And you can watch why the E36 BMW M3 is gaining more attention through this video.

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