[Video] What should you know about the BMW i4 M50

One significant fact about the i4 M50 is that it is the first electric car from the German manufacturer to bear the letter M. No wonder then that the i4 is one of BMW’s most eagerly awaited automobiles in the a. However, little is known about the electric 4 Series Gran Coupe’s performance and specifications.

Meanwhile, BMW is doing its part to raise awareness of the car, and as a teaser, they have put together a video clip about key specs and features we need to know. The video below has a fascinating start, especially considering the bold claims. For example, it says the i4 M50 is an M model, with great features from agility to sound, aesthetics and dynamics.

Hans Zimmer and Renzo Viale designed the sound and even if the car is electric, it comes with a V8-like tune with an electric twist. It’s best to hear it to fully appreciate car details. Being an electric car, others might not like some of its features.

The i4 M50 has a lot of fascinating features outside of performance. For example, you can choose from 120 paint colours. Another way to personalise your car is to add a nameplate. With the optional carbon fibre package and leather interior, you can easily make this car your own. Check the video below to see more information.

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