Watch out the new looks of the BMW Concept XM

This month BMW revealed the name of its M flagship, an “all-new, high-performance hybrid electric vehicle”. While some projected the X8, other sources say it will be called the XM for a long time to come. BMW confirmed today that the M car would be named after a Citroen.

Watch out the new looks of the BMW Concept XM

Apart from the name, it also comes with an aggressive front end. The sporty luxury car will be unveiled in the November 29 world premiere, according to a new teaser photo. The massive kidney grille with its illuminated outline, flanked by tiny LED headlights in a triangular shape, stands out from the rest of the car’s design. Additional LEDs on the roof, though not in the final production model.

On the bonnet, an M badge and indentations suggest vents, but there’s no assurance yet as to whether they’ll be functional. The Concept XM’s large side mirrors suggest it will closely resemble the production car, which will launch in 2023, just as the Concept Z4 and Concept i4. The angular design of the high-performance SUV developed in Spartanburg can be seen in the teaser image. Large air intakes in the front bumper are expected to cool the V8 engine.

The top-of-the-line XM will have an electric motor and an internal combustion engine for over 700 horsepower. There are also rumours of a six-cylinder variant with 650 hp. In addition to 23-inch wheels, a limited-slip differential will also be available. BMW’s M division will prove that electrification can deliver actual performance while meeting stricter emissions regulations.

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