BMW i4 Seems More Efficient Than The Tesla Model 3

Tesla prides itself as the undefeated king of electric range. When it comes to powertrain efficiency, Tesla easily beats its competitors. But this may change very soon as the BMW i4 seems more efficient compared to the Tesla Model 3.

BMW i4 Seems More Efficient Than The Tesla Model 3

In terms of electric range, efficiency comes first more than battery capacity. If Tesla can drive one more mile per kilowatt-hour compared to its competitor, meaning it has extra 80-100 miles of range. And this depends on the battery size as well. Tesla holds the title of being the most efficient in the industry. But the BMW i4 seems to break this record.

A German publication, EFAHRER, held a recent test between the i4 and Tesla Model 3.  With similar conditions, the publication wanted to know which was more efficient. Specifically, EFAHRER tested the BMW i4 eDrive40 and the standard range for Tesla Model 3. These two cars pack similar specs, but the Tesla weighs 300 kg lighter than the i4.

The publication checked how many kWh it took for the cars to drive 100 km. As a result, the i4 got 22 kWh per 100 km versus 21.1 kWh per 100 km of the Tesla Model 3. But the i4 beat the Model 3, which needed 23.1 kWh per 100 km. Also, the BMW i4 did not need any charge time compared to the Tesla Model i3. Even though the Model 3 charges faster, the i4 can charge at its fastest speed for longer.

Although none of these results give major applause for the bimmer, the BMW i4 Seems more efficient than Tesla. With other features such as braking, interior, and driving dynamics, the BMW i4 challenges the Model 3. There is no doubt that the i4’s better qualities supersede that of the Tesla Model 3.

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