[VIDEO] The BMW i3S on a Long-Term Review

The BMW i3S (Sport) lifts the game to another level from the standard i3. This ultimate run-around-town BMW i3S, fully electric, is known for its utility, reliability, and overall efficiency. Its 2021 replacement car is the first i3 BEV coated in Galvanic Gold packed with a 42.2 kW battery. We get to see the BMW i3S battery capacity, driving range, and charging speed in this video review by BMW Blog. Check in this video how the BMW i3S was on long road trips during winter and more.

Before digging in, let us have a quick refresh of the BMW i3’s specs. The original i3 released in 2013 came with a 60Ah battery. Moreover, its post-2019 i3 model had an increased battery capacity to 120Ah upgrading its range. The size of the battery pack is intact as well. However, the new i3 arrives heavier with a weight of 2,965 lbs or 1,345 kg. It weighs 65 kilograms more than the original version. More weight means lesser sprint as BMW claims 7.3 seconds in 0-62 mph, slower by 0.1 seconds than the original.

The BMW i3S’ high-voltage battery consists of eight modules with twelve storage cells each. Its production is at the BMW plant in Dingolfing. The latest advancements with the size unchanged resulted in a capacity of 120Ah with a 42.2 kWh energy content. The i3’s market launch in 2013 was 60Ah and 22.6 kWh. Its second-generation battery reached 94 Ah and 33 kWh in the year 2016. 

Its protective software would not allow you to use all the 42 kWh. It limits the usage to avoid draining the battery completely. According to BMW, you can only use about 38kWh of it that ranges up to 260 km or 160 miles.

The latest i3 and i3S models had a bicolor repaint to make the exterior look good as of November 2020. It is now available in three eye-catching color combos inspired by the new iX3 full-electric SAV. Choices are Cashmere Silver with accents in BMW iBlue and Galvanic Gold with accents in Frozen Grey metallic. If you are in for a classy style, then go in for the Fluid Black with accents in Frozen  Grey metallic. For more details, check on this video by BMW Blog of the BMW i3 Sport model.

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