The Next BMW M3 – Electrified

BMW should forget about the internal combustion in the next BMW M3, push the boundaries and invest in the future. However, BMW recently made claims about sticking to internal combustion for future EVs. BMW continues the internal combustion engine despite several other premium brands making electrified full-scale crossovers over time. Moreover, the Bavarians can consider going electric for the next-generation BMW M3.

The Next BMW M3 Electrified

Nico DeMattia gives his opinion about the next BMW M3. “This current-gen BMW M3 (and the M4) will likely run for the standard six-year model life-cycle. By the time this G80 M3 reaches the end of its line, it will be the year 2027, dangerously close to when many of its premium competitors will be fully-electric. The BMW i4 will also have existed for about five years and will be readying its own replacement. So why have both the BMW M3 and i4? Why not just consolidate the two cars into one; a fully-electric M3?” as stated by DeMattia. 

BMW is capable of developing an EV sedan with M Division levels of power and performance. Its recent BMW i4 comes with 500 horsepower and 4.0 seconds in 0-60 mph time. According to Nico DeMattia, it is reasonable to think that BMW can figure out how to lighten that EV/battery architecture in six years. BMW is also capable of even extending its range cost-effectively. 

The Next BMW M3 Electrified 1

DeMattia further stated, “With that in mind, I see no reason why BMW M can not develop an M3 with 550-ish horsepower, around 4,000 lbs, 300-plus miles of range, and a sub-four-second 0-60 mph time, all for around what we would normally pay for an M3. We do not know what the current BMW i4 will cost but it is said to be around M3-money as early as next year. So with several more years of development time, BMW M should be ready for an all-electric M3.” 

The Next BMW M3 Electrified 2

The automaker is acing the performance technology as seen on the M3. Furthermore, it has class-leading power-per-liter, high-tech variable valve-timing, and the highest-revving engines. It also had all of the most exciting high-tech software features and responsive transmissions. The BMW M3 compared to cars like the Audi RS4 and AMG C63 felt like having the best tech. According to DeMattia, “..If BMW M decides to not pursue full electrifications for its next-generation of performance machines, it is going to be playing catchup.” 

BMW M pushing boundaries again with a high-performance and all-electric sedan is something to see. Combined with the sharpest handling and leading power and performance, BMW should forget about internal combustion. All of this to remind everyone who makes the Ultimate Driving Machine again.

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