[Video] See the limited-edition BMW E30 333i in action

With its advanced product range, BMW has time and again won the hearts not only of its fans but also of most enthusiasts. One of the models that has succeeded in doing so is the BMW E30 3 Series. Meanwhile, the M3 model, the first of its kind in the second generation of the 3 Series, is without a doubt the most popular in the range. If you delve deeper into the 3 Series, it seems there is one limited edition model that could topple the M3 – the BMW E30 333i.

This unit came out in South Africa as a counterpart to the M3. Although the Rosslyn factory was already in operation when the original M3 was launched, it was never officially marketed there. It was a hot item at the time, and to make up for this shortfall, the local branch decided to launch the BMW 333i.

BMW South Africa, ALPINA and BMW Motorsport worked together to make this project a success. They planned to install the M30 engine in the engine compartment of the E30 3 Series model. But it did not stop there. They had ALPINA improve the 3.2-litre inline-six, which resulted in around 200 HP in the 333i application. It can not compete with an M3, but its low torque makes for a pleasant driving experience.

As mentioned earlier, the BMW E30 333i is a limited edition model and is only available in a run of 210. We have Cars.co.za in this video to talk about this model in detail. Interestingly, when they got the car when it was new, it came with a manual. with it What’s inside? A detailed overview of the differences between the 333i and the normal 3 Series.

All in all, the BMW 333i is simply something special. Take a look at the video above, which accurately portrays the driving experience of this car.

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