BMW iX to produce the most advanced sound system

The BMW iX is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking cars the Bavarian company has ever produced. Not only does it lead the entire group, but it also brings other BMW-developed technologies into the new EV era. Some of the technology debuts we expect from BMW will be significant not just for BMW alone, but for the entire industry. And one of the first will be the BMW iX at the 2021 IAA Mobility auto show in Munich.

Bowers & Wilkins has worked closely with BMW’s experts to develop a truly bespoke sound experience. According to B&W, the BMW iX offers the most advanced sound quality available in a car. They call this concept “True Sound”, which gives you the feeling of being in the studio with the artist.

You can hear out of the BMW iX with the Diamond Dome tweeters used in the B&W 800 Series Diamond speakers. The Nautilus swirls featured behind the tweeter domes scatter the reflected sound waves and reduce distortion in the speakers. Brushed stainless steel tweeter covers and their laser-etched logo, along with a subtle lighting effect, complement the minimalist interior design. With an added touch of refined fabric, the doors are rendered invisible for a polished interior look.

The Aramid Fibre midrange, aluminium and Diamond Dome tweeters mounted high up in the spacious cabin make the BMW iX a real experience. In addition, 8 adjustable speakers are located in the front and rear headrests for a personalised sound experience. To produce a rich bass sound even at low volume, the 4D Shakers connect four bass speakers at a critical point in the interior. This is a first-time project that we probably know would work well for BMW and its partners.

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